Shots Fired is the hot new serial on FOX

For people who like TV drama, the spring is a good time and there are some exciting shows coming. A future highlight is Shots Fired, a new TV show which is set to launch in March on FOX. This is a 10-episode drama which has a mystery thriller format. The show is about the tensions which exist in America involving race and the police force.

Shots Fired was filmed in North Carolina and is set in the American south. It has a strong cast including Sanaa Lathan, Stephan James, Stephen Moyer, and Helen Hunt. It is a miniseries or “event series” as they like to call them. It is intelligent and nuanced and is writing about modern topics in a penetrating way.

It is set in a town in the south where there are civic and social problems already. Eventually the town shall see a split in the community and accusations of corruption. The drama starts with a police shooting and examines the powder keg of conflict which stems from the incident. A police officer has an altercation with a motorist, there is a shooting and the motorist is killed. The incident seems murky and two investigators are assigned to work out what happened.

The story is a look at race. It eventually comes to encompass two different crimes. The first shooting is a cop who has shot a white motorist. It is controversial and creates a lot of turmoil in the town. The investigation soon turns to a second, different incident – an African American teen whose murder was more or less ignored. The story is a juxtaposition of the two events.

The show is touching on social conflict and the tensions in America. It flips the expected model for such a narrative and wanders off in some clever directions. It is a study of the criminal justice system and its flaws. It examines the media, local government and the powerful. Through its characters it also includes stories about divorce and religion.

The show is getting good reviews. It premiered at the Sundance festival and more recently there have been previews of the show in Charlotte. It has received acclaim for its concept and its approach to the material.

Shots Fired indicates FOX’s ambitions for drama. The show is a quality drama with a high profile cast, including some film actors. FOX have been developing a lot of different shows in recent years and have shown that they are keen to create distinctive content.

FOX have had varied fortunes in the current era. In recent seasons they have launched a number of new shows. Some haven’t caught on but others are hits and are helping them to gain momentum. New series like Lucifer and Lethal Weapon have caught on and are doing nicely. Their newest effort is Shots Fired which they no doubt are looking to do well.

Shots Fired is billed as a special event series but if it does well then who knows, there is always the potential they could do more. The show kicks off on Wednesday March 22.

Picture – Sanaa Lathan. Author – Gage Skidmore at Flickr


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